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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2nd, 2010

I started yesterday and I was SHOCKED!!! I never realized how many calories were in the food that I ate. When I would eat a salad I am sure with all the cheese and dressing that I put on it I was consuming close to 1,000 calories!!! That blew my mind. I am finding that the foods that I need to eat to stay within my calorie intake (Less than 1400) are actually very good. This is a mind over matter sort of thing! I can do this. I NEED to do this!!

I am tracking ALL of my exercise, the workouts I do in the morning and through out the day. I burned 135 calories for cleaning!!! And that was just sweeping and mopping! Something I do multiple times a week.

I am counting my calories at My user name is "megpalmer" if you want to add me. This is very helpful. Whatever food I eat is listed in the data base with ALL the nutritional information. Keeps track of everything too! Tells me how many calories I have consumed during the day, how many I have left, what calories I have burned exercising, my water intake, it tracks it all. There is also a support forum that you can post in. AND the best part...THERE IS AN APP!!! A free APP for you phone!!! So you can keep track when you are on the go too!! The website is also free. WONDERFUL!!!

Thank you again for everything!!!

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  1. Another site that's great for info is, it gives a lot of great information. I got that from the nutrition class that I'm taking right now. (Requirement for Humanities class.) Anyway, good luck!! :)